Posting Exotic Car Stunts on YouTube Can Get You Busted

With the release of YouTube in 2005, the world learned to embrace the newfound ability to generate content and share it with the world—a right that previously belonged only to billionaire network owners. While YouTube is harmless for the most part, some users have learned the hard way that there can be repercussions to actions posted online—like a Japanese man who was arrested after speeding in his Lamborghini!


The joyride occurred 2 years ago, and police only recently located and arrested the driver for traffic violations

The 38-year-old man had secured a stunt camera to the Lamborghini, and decided to whip around a 37 mph area at 97 miles per hour. Of course, the camera was there for the sole purpose of sharing…so the man proceeded to post his feat on YouTube, where it captured the attention of those he wished to impress…and some that he did not: local authorities.


The YouTube posting has since been removed

This was obviously not the brightest idea ever, but some people still feel that online postings and musings are somehow above the law or even anonymous—neither of which are true. When asked why the need for dangerous speed, the man simply said: “I enjoyed the sound of the engine and the speed.” Well…I can certainly understand that aspect–but reserve some track time, dude.


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