Prestigious Ferrari Provides Epic Adrenaline Rush with New Driving Experience

Ferrari Driving Experience

For the affluent exotic driving experience enthusiasts, there is a new jackpot available, the DrivingXllence (DXL).  This driving experience offers up the opportunity to drive some of the world’s most exclusive supercars.

Three programs are offered at DXL, ‘Epic Drive’, ‘Adrenaline Nights’, and ‘Prestige Adventure’.  Each program offers up a unique driving experience and targets a distinct group of auto aficionados, giving fans the exotic car rental driving experience they lust after.


Ferrari F430 Coupe

Each program is kept small due to the company’s goal of dedicated and personalized customer service standards.  Here is the breakdown of each driver program:

Epic Drive

This supercar driving experience provides four of the best exotic automobiles, which clients can drive over a stretch of 150 miles of open road.  The vehicles in this program are the new Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 599 GTB, Ferrari California and the Ferrari F430 coupe.

Ferrari F430 Spider

Adrenaline Nights

Similar to the Motor Speedway of Las Vegas, this driving program is a five-hour, forty-lap adrenaline pumping rush.  There are three supercars available for Adrenaline Nights, including the limited Scuderia Spider, the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Ferrari F430 coupe.

Ferrari Rentals Miami

Prestige Adventure

The VIP driving experience is delivered with this program, via a weeklong tour spanning 600-900 miles through North American and Europe.  The fleet for this exotic car experience includes a new fleet of Ferraris highlighting the work of Enzo Ferrari.

Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB

Drooling yet?  The inaugural tour will start in February of 2011 with the Epic Drive, and Adrenalin Nights and the Prestige Adventure will follow suite in March and May.


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