Prince William Proves Aston Martins Do Not Brake Easily!

Scads and scads of ladies and lads sat fixated on the royal wedding proceedings, and now the little behind-the-scenes bloopers are beginning to emerge! It seems that the Aston Martin Prince William borrowed from dear old dad was put through a bit of undue stress when Wills left the hand brake on while driving.

Now, I cannot be overly harsh on Wills, he was certainly under much pressure and scrutiny that day, but we would never want this to happen to one of our Aston Martin rentals! Hey, some insurance just does not cover driver-error, that is reality.

Aston Martin Royal Wedding

Is Kate laughing at the pouty prince?

At least Wills & Kate looked amazing rolling away in the much-loved luxury car of Charles; no one really knew anything was amiss! Perhaps no one would have known, but royal photographer Arthur Edwards let the information…slip.

Aston Martin Royal Wedding

Vintage Aston Martin at the royal wedding

Edwards had a conversation with Prince Charles about the big day to the BBC. During the interview Edwards asked Charles if he minded Wills borrowing the antique Aston (the car was a 21st birthday gift to Charles), to which Charles replied “Oh, no. He asked me if he could use it.”

Aston Martin Royal Wedding

It certainly appears that the newlywed royals enjoyed the Aston!

Tactfully, Edwards then suggested that there had been something wrong with the car, to which Charles responded, 
“Yes. Because he didn’t take the handbrake off.” Pops told on him, what a royal riot!

Aston Martin Royal Wedding

Overall, the vintage Aston Martin convertible was appropriate and fun for the occasion



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