The Prombron Black Shark: Making the Bugatti Veyron Look Weak?

The seldom spoken of company Dartz has sliced the surface with a new concept from its Prombron brand–and it is cooler than Chuck Norris under pressure. The Prombron Black Shark seems to have just about everything going for it, and could be a serious threat to those lower on the food chain.

Prombron Black SharkEnough with what the Prombron Black Shark could be, let’s take a glance at what she is:

  • This concept is based on the bare bones of the robust Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV. That is where the similarity between the two predators ends, however.
  • The Prombron earns the name Black Shark via a plethora of intriguing additions, including armored protection capable of resisting ballistic level B7.
  • If the aesthetics alone do not incite drool, the performance capacity will. Rumors say the vehicle could produce up to 1,500 horses…making the Bugatti Veyron pale in comparison in both looks and power. We can assume that the price for the Shark would far surpass that of the Veyron as well.
  • The pricing will not be a worry for many, however, as just 10 examples of the Prombron Black Shark will be produced initially, all destined for Chinese buyers. It is unknown if plans for more are on the table.
  • The color options are quite limited, with just white, black, gold, gray or camouflage offerings. Custom orders are always available for a price, and additional murmurings suggest one of the Sharks has been ordered in a stylish Tiffany blue adorned with Swarovski crystal in the hood and tailgate. If there is any truth to that, I cannot wait to see the photos, as it sounds exquisite.

Prombron Black SharkThe Black Shark will serve as the first edition of the next-gen Dartz lineup, to be dubbed PRVY. Leonard F. Yankelovich, owner of Dartz, described the wild new concept as follows: “A Bugatti owner will feel like a beggar standing next to it.”

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