Proof: Money Cannot Buy Class or Custom Luxury Car Taste

Money can buy nearly anything, multiple exotic cars, endless luxury car rentals, but judging by this custom Ferrari 458 Italia, it simply cannot buy class! This is the ugliest 458 I have witnessed, so unless you have seen worse, I will say it is the world’s ugliest Ferrari 458! If you have, please add a link below in the comment section!

In the video above, the flashy Ferrari 458 generates much attention. How to ruin a perfectly good Ferrari, indeed!

The Ferrari 458 Italia costs around $226,000. For that price, one gets superior Italian design and engineering coating a gorgeous Pininfarina-penned design that is a challenge to improve upon. Yet people will always try!

This Ferrari owner opted to customize the 458 with horrid underglow lights and strobes as if they were auditioning for The Fast and the Furious. Exotic cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce etc. are rare, so there is honestly no need to customize them to this extent, because it is not like you are going to pass 20 more en route to work everyday!

Custom Ferrari 458

Custom Ferrari 458

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