Public House Debuts in River North

Public House Set To Open Its’ Doors Downtown Chicago

The mastermind’s behind Bull & Bear are at it again with the Launch of Public House, located at 400 N. State.  About twice the size, the new beer-focused joint should allow for a little more mingling and a little less fighting for a place to stand than Bull & Bear, which will be a huge relief.  Look for the in-booth beer taps, American based menu, and Plasma TV’s to remind you of your past experiences at B & B.

Public House Chicago

One new feature that Imagine Lifestyles is excited about is the chilled alcohol on tap at some featured booths.  Forget about the mess of bottle service with the bottles of Patron and vodka right at your fingertips. Make sure you do not decide to ride around in one of our Chicago luxury rental cars after you sample this.  A bar coded wristband will keep track of who is ordering what and make sure no one is stealing drinks on your dime.  Local Brewery Goose Island has also teamed up with Public House to create a special draft beer just for Public House that will change monthly.

Public House Tap

The focus of the joint will be on the beer, but don’t be surprised to find the trendy twenty-something River North crowds invading this place on the weekends.  You might find a tourist crowd over some lunches but we will expect similar crowds that fill up Bull & Bear on a nightly basis.  There is nothing wrong with the scene at Bull & Bear, but River North might soon be full of identical bars and pubs owned by the same few companies.  Imagine Lifestyles would hate to see Chicago turn into one big Corporate Bar Scene.  Public House opens tomorrow so head on down and judge for yourself.  It will surely be the place to be seen for the first few weeks, so arrive in style with an exotic rental car from Imagine Lifestyles Chicago Branch. 


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