Ralph Lauren Bugatti Inspired Watch

For those who may have missed it, the Ralph Lauren men’s watch collection includes a very special edition, one inspired by his 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff drop head coupe. There are many luxury watches inspired by exotic sports cars, but this one continues to stand out.

Bugatti Inspired Watch

The Bugatti inspired watch designed by Ralph Lauren is fantastic

The watch features the same wood that lines the dash of the rare classic car, can you spot more inspirations? It was the interior cabin of the Bugatti that inspired Lauren’s racy watch. The interior is classic yet sporty, ideal trimmings for an upscale men’s watch. A company spokesperson explained more about the line: “The fashion label’s new line of watches are designed along the theme of an African safari, which the Bugatti wood lends itself to nicely.”

Bugatti Inspired Watch

 Ralph Lauren now has three timepiece collections. 

Ralph Lauren owns one of the world’s largest and most exorbitant exotic car collections, though he is not a famous gearhead like Jay Leno. Lauren’s sophisticated sense of style is apparent in his choice of automobiles and his fashion and jewelry creations.

Bugatti Inspired Watch

Ralph Lauren stated about the watch:

“Every Bugatti is in a certain way an art object, from its dashboard to its tooling to its engine. Every detail of the car is like fine art, or maybe I should say like a very fine watch.”

Bugatti watch

It can be yours for just $13,200, which is far less than the real thing. Pair it with a luxury car rental for the perfect birthday gift!

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