Range Rover’s Most Stylish Sibling to Remove Top?

The next generation of the stylish Range Rover Evoque shall be upgraded on several levels. While the standard version seems to be receiving a facelift for 2017, there is also a Range Rover Evoque convertible out testing in her best camouflage! This ride is so adorable and whimsical that every 16 year-old girl in California is going to throw a tantrum for one.

Range Rover Evoque convertibleA Range Rover Evoque convertible? While it seems a bit confusing, the photos are actually not off-putting.

Will Range Rover succeed with a convertible SUV where the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet failed? The Evoque convertible concept rolled out back in 2012, and seeing it three years later in testing form is certainly an indicator that it has the green light for production. The average cycle for an automobile to go from concept to production is about three years, longer for the slow pokes.

The Range Rover Evoque convertible at a glance:

  • She maintains the sporty 2+2 layout
  • The convertible top appears to be a soft-top design that likely tucks in behind the rear seating. Pro-tip: Avoid shopping with the top down, there will not be any storage space left.
  • Cute little wing spoiler in the back is flirty and playful
  • If she makes it stateside, it will likely be as a 2017 model. Possible powertrains include front and AWD, petrol and diesel variants.

Range Rover Evoque convertibleThe standard Range Rover Evoque will take the more prudish approach and leave her top on. She has also been spied out testing and appears to be sporting a revised front bumper, perhaps to accommodate Jaguar Land Rover’s 4-cylinder engines. Overall, they will likely be turbocharged like crazy and offer very impressive fuel economy stats. Looking forward to the next-gen Evoque offerings!

Range Rover Evoque convertiblePost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals