Range Rover Gets Racier

Apparently, Land Rover is feeling the pressure from the competition (think Lamborghini SUV and Bentley SUV concept)! The words Range Rover are synonymous with two other words: luxury SUV…which makes perfect sense, seeing as how the brand has been a leader in the upscale SUV market segment for so long! But Land Rover is clearly communicating that it is not one to simply be satisfied with past successes and is launching what may well be the best and most lavish Range Rover ever!

Range Rover 2012
Introduced at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition was used to sample the $90,000+ market. All 500 versions were sold within months of the reveal, prompting the brand to run with the good fortune!

According to Land Rover brand director John Edwards, “The top model before that was £90k, so it could have been interesting. But they all went straight out of the door. The rush in China, Russia and Middle East was huge, and the UK exceeded forecasts, too.”

Range Rover

I could definitely spend a few hours working in this mobile office unit!

Range Rover

Land Rover products are always laden with detail, but this model is enough to make even the most seasoned brand fan gasp with delight!

With this model, let the war for the most indulgent and stunning SUV begin! Oh yes, this is a definite declaration of war from Land Rover! While Bentley and Lamborghini will likely command a higher price for their fares, this Range Rover is certainly nothing to scoff at! The next generation Land Rover is currently under production (anticipate some sneak leaks!), and should be revealed to us by the end of 2013 with a considerable amount added to the usual price range.
Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover

 The concept as it appeared in 2011


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