Aston Martin Confirms Rapide EV and ‘Stupid’ Competition

Fans of alternative powertrain options and Aston Martin can revel in the recent confirmation that there will be a Rapide EV. CEO Andy Palmer has revealed that the Aston Martin Rapide EV will be a reality with in the next two years or so, and that it will pack power along with the sophisticated styling we all adore.

Rapide EVPalmer shared that it made little sense to only offer thirsty V12 engines without offering something at the other end of the spectrum. We all know that global regulations are tightening and that automakers are scrambling to meet the deadlines–that is not new news, but it is noteworthy as each big company joins the ranks with their hybrid and electric offerings. Ten years ago the world would never bet on Ferrari creating a hyper hybrid like LaFerrari, and yet she lives and drinks. What is to come from all brands over the next decade will truly be enthralling as they fight for attention and loyalty.

The Aston Martin Rapide EV could boast convenient all-wheel-drive and even offer a lengthy range of 200 miles between charges. Recall that the first electric vehicle offerings provided rather small ranges, which did not go over well with potential buyers who had what is now called ‘Range anxiety’. No one wants to fuel their ride with prayers hoping to make it to work and back home if they encounter unexpected delays like a road blockage! Companies caught on quick and have been responding with greater range.

Aston Martin

In the end, it will all boil down to a superior product and sense of humor. At the Pebble Beach gathering Palmer could not resist a jab at Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode: “We don’t do Ludicrous because ludicrous speed is stupid.” It is likely a statement others wanted to make but were not bold enough to follow through with. The Aston Martin Rapide EV will, after all, be rivaling the Tesla products.

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