Rapper Flo Rida Arrested for DUI in a Bugatti

Rapper and entertainer ‘Flo Rida’ was arrested in Miami, Florida last week for DUI.  I guess Flo Rida should have sprung for a chauffeur to drive him around in his $1.7 million dollar Bugatti!  A chauffeured luxury car Miami would have prevented this disaster, give us a call next time you are in South Florida, Flo Rida!

Flo Rida DUI Arrest Miami

Flo Rida DUI Arrest Miami

Hey, at least a friend on the scene was cool enough to drop $115 towing fee to save said Bugatti from impound!

Flo Rida Bugatti

Flo Rida was arrested with double the legal limit of alcohol in his blood.  Thankfully, the only casualty in this arrest has been money- including $2k for bail and likely a nice stack of fines to pay and possible driver’s license suspension.

Flo Rida DUI Mugshot

Flo Rida DUI Mugshot

Flo must have been ashamed, as he shielded his face from photogs as he left the jail and has yet to comment on the DUI arrest.  Tweets indicate that the rapper is headed to Bangkok for a show.

Flo Rida

Rapper Flo Rida

Would you get behind the wheel of any car, let alone one worth over a million dollars, after drinking?  Comment below!





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