Rare Lamborghini Colani on eBay Motors Falls to Pieces

A rare Lamborghini has emerged at an Indiana estate auction.  It is a 40-year-old prototype based on the Lamborghini Miura, designed by visionary Luigi Colani.  Currently, the exotic car specimen is in pieces, and on the auction block at eBay Motors with a minimum bid of $74,999, down from $79,000 last October.  It looks like a crazy contraption, not quite like a Lamborghini. I am sure this vehicle is not from a fleet of Lamborghini rental cars as it looks like it belongs in the Museum of Modern Art.

Lamborghini Colani eBay Motors

While this would not make a suitable edition to our fleet of Lamborghini rentals Miami or exotic car rentals Miami, it may please an avid auto collector and Lamborghini enthusiast to own a rare slice of history.


Lamborghini Miura

The Lamborghini Colani is being sold on eBay by Bad Influence Hot Rods (BIHR), an Indiana specialty auto shop.  Owner BIHR describes the 1970s Lamborghini as a "lost Luigi Colani Lamborghini Miura Le Mans concept prototype car."

The Lamborghini’s canopy has been broken into several pieces over the past three decades, and BIHR offers to replicate a new one for an additional charge.  It still features the Lamborghini Miura original chassis, rear rims and knockoffs.  The front suspension remains intact and it steers with a joystick/tiller.

Lamborghini Rentals Miami

Colani’s website describes this Lamborghini as a “Life-size model of a two-part hybrid car.  The engine and camshaft are taken from a Lamborghini Miura, the separate passenger cabin is designed like the cockpit of a glider."

This Lambo has certainly fallen to pieces, but it doesn’t appear that any buyers are falling to pieces over it, as it remains available.






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