The Real Jet Set Do What Marc Jacobs Says

For the real and really luxurious jetsetters of the world, take Marc Jacobs advice. The American fashion designer and icon knows what luxury travel actually means. Mr. Marc Jacobs says, “I don’t think there’s anything practical about traveling with a trunk. Luxury travel is traveling with a toothbrush. That’s it, end of story. The people who really live luxurious lives don’t need to pack. They’ve got stuff wherever they go."

Imagine Lifestyles is a luxury rental company and we do concur! Our company keeps luxurious jetsetters status quo and on the go. Meaning, our clients don’t even need a toothbrush because that is the least of it. We provide our clients with the jets to jet set; five-star properties with five-star amenities to live; and, exotic rental cars to race or just drive. We have exquisite yachts to rent and knowledgeable employees to get you into the best restaurants and nightclubs. You Imagine and we make the luxurious lifestyle reality.

Luxury lifestyle imposters are the ones travelling with the bulky Louis Vuitton trunks on commercial flights. When a real jetsetter reaches their destination they buy a seasonal wardrobe or we can even have someone do that for you. Marc Jacobs has it all right and the real jet set are on his brain wavelength.