Top 5 Reasons to Rent an Exotic Car for Super Bowl XLVIII

The 2014 Super Bowl is less than a week away, and if you are still struggling to sell yourself (or spouse) on an exotic car rental, we can help. Transform the annual explosion into an unforgettable experience with the power that only a sports car can deliver when you rent an exotic car for Super Bowl week.

Rent an exotic car for Super Bowl

Step up your game with our latest addition to the fleet: The Ferrari 458 Italia. Can you picture yourself behind the wheel game week?

5. Try to think of something more fun. Didn’t think so.

4. Adrenaline. The streets will be paved with adrenaline and excitement for the game, along with luxury cars of every make and model. While it is certainly thrilling to check out other cars, nothing matches the feeling of sliding behind the wheel of your own rental or the envious looks you get doing it.

3. Experimentation. Renting an exotic car is the best way to experiment with brands and discover which is your favorite. The Super Bowl presents a unique opportunity to get a little more for your money with the added events and excitement.

2. Power. Pushing for a promotion? Take the boss out for a ride in your Maserati rental during Super Bowl week. Can’t hurt…

1. Memories. Overall, even if your favorite team loses this year, you are winning when you rent an exotic car. No matter what the outcome of the game may be, your memories of this year will be of your bond with that Ferrari, Lamborghini or whatever car suits your desires.

Rent an exotic car for Super BowlNow that your wheels are spinning, remember we also offer chauffeur and complete concierge services tailored to meet all of your game week needs. Need something special? Let us know, we will find a way to exceed your expectations with the power of a company dedicated to delivering more. Your fast free quote is just a click away!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals