Rihanna Tours Europe in a Maybach

Rihanna has been hitting up Europe recently, spotted spending her 24th birthday at Nozomi Restaurant in London via a chauffeured Maybach! Celebrities always need to make a memorable entrance to stay in the headlines, and Rihanna is certainly attracting attention overseas!

Rihanna in Maybach
This celeb knows that a Maybach provides lavish comforts when you are away from home

Recently we mentioned the Maybach Mercy Killing, the end of the model. The car just seems to be a seamless part of the hip-hop crowd lately, with stars like Rihanna and even Jay Z choosing Maybach. Granted, Jay Z torched a perfectly good Maybach in a video…but he owns one as well, so all is forgiven in the pursuit of art (Hey, it wasn’t a one-off).

Rihanna Birthday in Maybach
Rihanna does Europe in style

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Rihanna in Europe with Maybach

Rihanna must view the Maybach as a welcome escape between shows!

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