Rolls Royce Avoids Convention Center During LA Auto Show

There was something missing at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show: a space on the showroom floor dedicated to Rolls Royce! This year, the luxury brand changed gears, opting to host its exclusive event in a private LA area residence. The Rolls Royce auto show was certainly something altogether different this year, and those in attendance were quite pleased!

Rolls Royce auto show

There were no crowds, annoyance or riff-raff for attendees of the Rolls Royce show this year in LA! It was housed in a private residence far from the bustling, overcrowded convention center. 

The invite-only viewing of the next generation of Rolls Royce luxury cars was held in a private villa in Hollywood Hills. Attendees were pampered and treated to a very special preview and included celebrities and valued customers. According to Rolls Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the private affair was “More befitting of our brand.” Following two hours on the convention center floor, Müller-Ötvös retreated to the private showing where champagne and salmon and exotic cars like the Ghost awaited.

2012 Rolls Royce fleet

The weather the day of the show was a surprising twist, as the LA area was cloaked in a blanket of fog. An assistant for the private show joked, “We called God to arrange the fog”, because it actually worked to shroud the elegant cars in a bit more mystery and drama throughout the event. Also present was a rare Phantom Aviator coupe, one of just 35 examples created.

LA Auto Show

Overall, this year’s show was decidedly Rolls Royce style and a more private and effective way to spend time with a handful of very special customers. Do we want to see every luxury company vacate the convention center? No. It did, however, serve Rolls Royce and their clientele base well. Müller-Ötvös sums it up best: “Basically all of our customers are VIPs. They’re more comfortable in that environment.”

Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce client expects the red carpet treatment. A crowded convention center, even in LA, simply won’t do. 

2012 Rolls Royce

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