Rolls-Royce Introduces the 200EX

Luxury car legend Rolls-Royce has given us yet another exotic car to adore, the new 200EX.  Reviews for the 200EX have been impressive, and it is a beautiful car.

The name, 200EX, comes from the experimental prototypes that Rolls-Royce created during the preRolls Royce 200EX Luxury Car-war era, though more modern.  The official unveiling of the Rolls 200EX will be next month at the Geneva Motor Show, and the official production variant is expected for the Frankfurt Motor Show later in the year.

The new model is unmistakably a Rolls, and displays all of the best cues derived from the Phantom and Drophead Coupe.  The 200EX is a more diminutive luxury car than its predecessors, giving Rolls-Royce fans more sizing options.  The length of the new Rolls is 212.6 inches, 83 inches wide, and 61 inches tall.  The wheelbase is 129.7 inches, and there are beautiful seven-spoke 20-inch wheels.   Exact engine specifications are not available yet, only that the luxury car is powered by a new V12 engine.   The 200EX seems to be following the BMW 7 Series platform.

The interior is plush, with standard luxury amenities and gadgets including chrome door handles, frosted lamps, violin key switchgear and ergonomic roller-ball controller for the car’s systems.   This new model is yet another testament to Rolls-Royce being the standard in the luxury motoring world, we can’t wait for further details.  For more information on Rolls-Royce rentals and luxury cars, follow link.

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