Rumors Explode About Hydrogen Fueled Mercedes Models in 2014

Could it be?  Word is that luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz is plotting the launch of a hydrogen-fueled luxury car as early as 2014! This is not a luxury car concept tall tale, but an actual production model ready to launch.

The Mercedes cars that run on hydrogen fuel cells could invade the market in just less than 3 years, taking the luxury hybrid race to the next level, yet adding an air of danger. Believed to be the most environmentally sound fuels so far, hydrogen fuels leave only water as residue.




The downside?  Hydrogen fueled automobiles are quite prone to explosion at even a minimal impact.

Mercedes Hydrogen Fueled Car

This seems to be the main reason that has stopped carmakers around the world from producing hydrogen fueled models, along with the fact that there are not many available hydrogen filling stations out there (because it is dangerous to store the explosive substance). So how does Mercedes explain their decision to go ahead with hydrogen fuel technology?

Mercedes F-Cell

The brand claims that a series of improvements in hydrogen fuel technology coupled with a new stronger and lightweight material used in the body of the car will improve safety. 

Mercedes Hydrogen Fuel

Words not comforting enough?

Mercedes-Benz recently manufactured prototypes of a B Class hatchback, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and drove it around the world, an obvious effort to prove that it is safe to drive.

Mercedes F-Cell

Mercedes F-Cell test drive around the world


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