Scott Rothstein’s Luxury Cars and Yachts Fetch $5.8 Million at Florida Auction

The headline stealing ponzi scheme of disbarred Florida attorney Scott Rothstein has climaxed today, with his coveted luxury cars, yachts and toys auctioned off in efforts to pay back those he ripped off.  The auction held today fetched a lofty $5.8 million dollars, to be funneled back to the investors he wronged.  Imagine Lifestyles was Scott Rothstein Auction Fort Lauderdalethere to witness history.

In just over one hour, the luxury auction unloaded 11 exotic cars, 4 yachts and 2 wave runners scored $5.8 million.  This is not much compared to his estimated $1.4 billion dollar investment fraud, but hey, every little million helps.


So without further ado, some of the flashier spoils and status symbols of the auction sold as follows:

1.    87-foot Warren yacht- $2.5 millionRothstein 2008 Bugatti Veyron
2.    2008 Bugatti Veyron-$858,000
3.    2007 Rolls-Royce Phantom $240,000
4.    2009 Bentley Continental GTC-$179,000
5.    Lamborghini Murcielago LP670SV $382,000

6.    67’ Corvette Stingray $103,000
7.    2006 Ferrari F430 Spider $170,000
8.    Mercedes McLaren $301,000
9.    2008 Ferrari F430 Spider


More than 220 people registered to bid at Thursday’s auction.  There were 17 lots to bid on at this luxury auction.  There was such a huge turnout at the Broward County Convention Center that the auction was started 2 hours late, to accommodate the underestimated crowds and potential buyers seeking a slice of ponzi history.
Rothstein 2009 Bentley Continental GTC
Poor ole’ Rothstein himself (literally poor now) is scheduled for sentencing in just a few days, on June 9th.  He has pleaded guilty to 5 felony charges, and the max sentence that can be imposed is 100 years.  But rumor has it that Rothstein is slick even in the pin, and may receive a lighter sentence for going undercover to help cops nab a suspected Mafia figure with ties to New York’s Sicilian crime families.  How notorious and gangster of you, Rothstein. 

There are supposedly around 24 homes owned by Rothstein that will be auctioned at a future date, in case you missed this go-round.  Some of the most luxurious items available on Earth were auctioned off from the same owner today; it was truly a remarkable event to witness.  All of these cars would make fine luxury rental cars for any fleet!Rothstein Ferrari

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