Automotive Technology: Ford Galaxy and S-Max Can See Around Corners

Ford is getting rather cutting edge these days, recently revealing that the new Galaxy and S-Max models will be able to see around corners. A special camera system located in the grille provides a 180-degree view, showing drivers important details such as what is coming up around the corner. This will factor out the stress of wondering what is around blind corners, and also help avoid unexpected objects, people, animals and more.

Are all new vehicle safety features and technologies being embraced? Perhaps not the legal speed limit limiters…but seeing around the corner should be a no-brainer. 

Automotive technology continues to evolve, with spectacular gadgets gracing the roadways. While some new gadgets are strictly created because they are cool, many are geared more toward safety. The new Ford technology was engineered in response to the volume of auto accidents occurring at junctions due to restricted views. The camera system provides a 1-megapixel view of what is coming up around the corner, obviously in real time. It shows what is both to the left and to the right on a bright 8-inch touch screen, so the driver is able to avoid collisions. Now the terrifying act of being forced to guess at the safety of yourself and the occupants of your vehicle may be a problem of the past.

see around corners Photo ©Ford

The camera is tiny measuring in at just 33 millimeters wide, with a special retractable jet washer keeping it clear. The camera washer is activated when the vehicle’s windshield wipers are, making the process seamless. Ford Galaxy and S-MAX models already offer rear view cameras, cross traffic alerts and other safety features, and now it seems that additional security is just around the corner.

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