Sinus Recliner: Contemporary Chair by Cor Designs


Have a seat in the new Sinus chair by Cor Designs.  Reinhold Adolf and Hans-Jürgen Schröpfer have just updated the Sinus chair, which made its debut in 1976. The Sinus chair is a safe "retro" design element for anybody who still misses the 1970’s. You do not need to resort to psychedelic color combinations or flower power, but rather use a subdued piece like the Sinus chair to make a retro theme more contemporary.

With swinging spring steel rockers and upholestry, the Sinus chair has a sedated opulence about it. The Sinus chair is available at Blue Train LLC, which is Cor’s exclusive North American liaison. Delivered straight out of Miami, Florida. The Sinus chair comes with or without armrest and matching ottoman, with chrome framing, in either black or eggshell white. The chair has been a hot piece for the last three decades and if it could withstand the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s then its probably good to go for a few more decades. The only issue we have with the Sinus chair is its name, no one had anything better than Sinus chair really? As you probably know by now for quality you must pay. The Sinus chair is $10,000 and we envision the luxe recliner by Cor fitting perfectly into any contemporary space.