Sleepless Night Shows Miami’s Nocturnal Side

Miami is in-line with Las Vegas mentality when it comes to sleep…we are up all night, as are many late-night hotspots! One particular annual event is always a hit, Sleepless Night Miami. Where else you can take in a symphony, enjoy rooftop cocktailing, and see a sex-doll exhibition all in one night? You can also breath in peppermint-scented oxygen, a welcome change from predominant tobacco products! This is a luxury travel tip fit for all.

Sleepless Night Miami

Sleepless Night Miami

Sleepless Night is based on a chain of events held in Paris, Montreal, Amsterdam and other locations to celebrate a perhaps rebellion of nocturnal norms. These events are free to the public, which is always a plus, and offer a vast array of entertainment options and sensory experiences. Thanks to daylight savings time, the 6pm-6am party actually lasted 13 hours this year!

Hotel Catalina Miami

Hotel Catalina Miami

Miami’s event played host to art exhibits, local DJ talent, live music, international and regional cuisine, burlesque shows, trapeze artists, and a rainbow of cocktails. So why peppermint scented oxygen, you may still be wondering? Oxygen bars are fun and popular ways to tease your senses, and they help you stay alert and awake, so it fit seamlessly into the Sleepless Night theme!

Oxygen bar Miami

Oxygen bar at Catalina Hotel, Miami

The 13-hour party was wrapped-up nicely with a sunrise breakfast on the beach, courtesy of Whole Foods. Next year’s Sleepless Night Miami is scheduled for November 3rd, 2012, so mark your calendars and prepare to reject those pj’s once again!

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