The Slowest Maserati Could be the Fastest Sailboat!

The slowest Maserati on earth could well be the fastest sailboat! Meet the Maserati racing yacht, poised to tackle the trans-Atlantic speed record from Cadiz, Spain, to San Salvador, Bahamas! Naturally, this excursion will involve both style and speed, as is befitting the Maserati badge!

Maserati sailboat

Maserati sets sail

The trans-Atlantic speed record course is a staggering 3884 miles long and is monitored by the World Sailing Speed Record Council…do they have an app for that? Previously, the record has only been set by mammoth trimarans, but Maserati is prepared to give it a try.

Maserati will attempt to be the very first to establish a record in the monohull category. The sailing team will be led by Giovanni Soldini and a crew of seven, leaving Imagine Lifestyles to dream of being onboard for this mission!
Soldini summed up his excitement and concerns for the voyage:
"The challenge is a demanding one, given the length and the difficulty of the route. During the first part our concerns will be with the area of high pressure blocking our path about the Azores. During the second part the difficulties will be posed by fronts and depressions, which, if too low, will slow the boat down. At the same time it’s great to have a chance like this, and I am delighted with the entire crew."


Soldini with a Maserati

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