Smart Struggles-The Luxury Cars of the Future?

All luxury car fans recognize the winged badge on the nose of any Aston Martin, but would you recognize it on the nose of say, a much more diminutive Aston?  Let’s revisit the Aston Martin Cygnet.

This is a teeny member of the luxury car family, measuring in at barely 10 feet from nose to tail.  Look at the photo to the right, now try to picture James Bond behind the wheel…amused yet?  I am!Aston Martin Cygnet

This is a unique 3-door hatchback, quite futuristic and ideal for city living.  Originally the Cygnet was billed as a sort of sidekick, or the equivalent of a tender to a luxury yacht.  It seems the concept has re-emerged to fit the role as a luxury smartcar, and the timing could not be better, and is in-tune with current global realities and the worldwide auto industry’s decidedly green future.

What is more exciting is that Aston Martin is not the only company betting there is a market for downsized luxury cars.  To compliment new emission regulations in Europe and North America geared toward improving fuel economy, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Audi have all chimed in with their own downsized but upscale additions to their luxury fleets.

Mercedes-Benz has enjoyed success with its Smart brand, and BMW has succeeded across the board, from its large SUVs to its Mini brand.  It certainly seems all brands are interested in placing their unique take on the luxury hybrid market via their own downsized models.  It will be a little interesting to see how large of an impact these auto bits will have!

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