Snakeskin Bentley Tips the Scales

Lativia-based luxury car customizing company Dartz Motorz has been busy creating something special for the Chinese Year of the Snake. Check out this bespoke snakeskin Bentley, covered with real snakeskin! The lengths luxury car customization companies will go to in order to maintain exclusivity go a bit further annually, and we are certainly thankful for that trend. There are few things more fascinating than a bespoke exotic car with previously unheard of features.

Snakeskin Bentley

The Bentley SS is covered in snakeskin to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake. This bespoke Bentley will be available this year.

The car is a high-performance modified Bentley GT and is being dubbed the Bentley SS. The SS stands for snakeskin, and this Bentley is certainly tipping the scales in the exotic department! This car is covered with genuine snakeskin on the exterior and parts of the interior detailing. The skin used is derived from snakes raised on farms specifically for the leather industry. Those buyers who love the look and the animal can opt for a vinyl version for the same aesthetic appeal.

Snakeskin Bentley

The snakeskin exterior does cost more than a custom paint job, at approximately $13,000 over the cost of the actual $200,000 and up Bentley.

Snakeskin Bentley

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake. There are often cars created for the specific creature of the year. 

Dartz Motorz President Leonard F Yankelovich relayed the following regarding the snakeskin Bentley: “We’re positive that our new snake style Bentley will be huge hit as we are releasing it in the Year of the Snake!”

Snakeskin Bentley

Bentley gets a handle on snakeskin

Snakeskin Bentley

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