Snookie Stoops Further for Publicity?

Snookie Car Crash Italy

Snookie hits police vehicle in Italy

The cast of Jerry Springer…I mean Jersey Shore, are currently filming the 4th season of the Mtv series in Italy.  Snookie, the pudgy Italian-American cast member is at it again, this time plowing into a cop car in Italy, injuring two cops.  Shocking detail:  Snookie was not plowed while driving the Fiat.  Korean police drive supercars, luckily she isn’t responsible for replacing a police Ferrari or Lambo!

Snookie Car Crash Italy

Snook was taken into custody following the accident, and the injured officers to a hospital

Italian authorities have described the accident as “low impact”, yet the ratings impact seem been high.  Snookie and castmate Deena Nicole Cortese were both in a Fiat at the time of the accident, and were uninjured (likely thanks to their built-in airbags, located in chest and head).  So does anyone else see a publicity pattern here?

Snookie Car Crash Italy

Snookie wrecks Fiat Italy

Snookie has a meltdown

Mtv is very good at this Snookie publicity stunt thing by now.  Of course, Mtv has the Snookie car accident Italy on tape, and is using it as a teaser.  Previously, Snookie was punched in the face by a man in a bar, arrested for public intoxication and taking unattractive to an entirely new level. 

Snookie in a bikini

Snookie in a bikini…did she skin a leopard?

Snookie arrested for public intoxication

Snookie arrested for public intoxication

So what will the trucker-hat and oversized sunglass wearin’ self-proclaimed “meatball” do next for attention?  I predict she will have a Britney Spears style wedding at some point, one that is annulled within hours.  What do you think the appeal is with Snookie to the public?  Comment below!

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