Bentley Ushering in 95th Birthday With 15 Special Edition Mulsanne Cars

Bentley is celebrating its 95th birthday by rolling out 15 special edition Mulsanne cars. Dubbed the Bentley Mulsanne 95, fittingly, the 15 come in Britannia Blue, Empire Red and Oxford White. Not that you need concern yourself with choosing a hue—all 15 are most certainly spoken for and shall remain in the UK.

special edition MulsanneThe Bentley Mulsanne boasts a top speed of 184 miles per hour and nails the 0-60 MPH jump in 5.3 seconds. The rather American colors of the special edition Mulsanne fleet will oddly only be made available in the UK. 

Bentley’s Mulliner department developed the special edition Mulsanne 95 fleet in-house. While the sophisticated cars will not boast any power or performance alterations, the special touches added to the interior and exterior should make up for some of that. The engine is the same twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V8 beast producing 505 horses and 752 pound-feet of impressive torque.

special edition MulsanneThe cabin of the special edition Bentley Mulsanne 95 cars is decked out in perhaps the most beautiful and rare pattern.

Aside from the 3 exclusive shades, the Mulsanne 95 cars have a darkened Flying B hood ornament and the finished product is then perched on lustrous 21-inch wheels. Most of the noticeable changes are located inside the cabin.

special edition MulsanneThe cabin is luxuriously appointed with a very special wood veneer. It sprawls around the entire interior and is derived from a 300 year old walnut tree with an interesting natural pattern. The fine leather seating is embroidered with the number ‘95’ while an illuminated tread plate reads ‘Ninety Five’ and the British flag.

special edition MulsanneFun fact: The 300 year old walnut tree used for the interior veneers toppled over during a storm a few years ago.

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