Spend Money Honey

All credit cards were not created equal, black is on another level. If you have no credit limit but don’t have a black card, then there’s something wrong with you. Get one!

Most big spenders are well aware of the American Express Titanium Centurion card or the Black card as it is commonly referred to. The Black card is a coveted status symbol and only about 17,000 total are in circulation right now. To score a black card, you, first and foremost, must be charging a minimum $250,000 a year. You pay the $5,000 initiation fee, plus, the annual fee of $2,500 which is simply worth it considering the perks. Besides a no credit limit, you will have a wholly, personal concierge service to abuse. This means, the best tickets to sold out events, reservations to the best restaurants that were at capacity. Private shopping services that gain you access into major fashion houses, oh, and a private jet with just six hours notice.

Visa, not to be outdone by Amex, has recently launched their version of the black card. The Visa Black card which they tout as the World’s most prestigous and versatile credit card has launched. The card is designed out of patent pending carbon graphite for maximum attention. The annual fee is only $495 and the perks are, well, just alright. There’s a 24-hour concierge service, a plethora of information and discounts on luxe goods, travel and business services. The original American Express Black card is still our first choice but the choice is yours. Happy spending ya’ll!