Spilled: Top 10 Extreme Concierge Requests in Miami!

Luxury travel entails far more than simply the right exotic rental car in Miami…and no request is too extreme in South Florida! Take, for example, the following unusual requests leaked from top South Florida hotel concierge types!

Luxury pet travel

Luxury pet travel requests

This is the definition of going above and beyond to exceed guest expectations…so here they are, in order of increasing complexity!

10. Pulling together a wedding in a single afternoon (Have you seen “Wedding Planner”? Crazy!)
9. Pet birthdays are no problem, when a guest requested a cake for their doggy, it was Pup-cakes to the rescue with a  peanut butter and dog food display that was divine!
8. Driving from West Palm Beach to Miami and back to exchange a gift for a guest
7. Many hotels receive faxed menus for clients…and their pets. Some pets only get Pellegrino mineral water…and only from a glass bottle, no plastic!
6. Assisting a guest with the purchase and price negotiation of a new Cadillac. This occurred after the guest’s vehicle broke down and a limo was sent to pick them up. Nice!
5. Arranging a massage at 1 a.m. Done!
4. Staging a marriage proposal on the beach, complete with rose petals, strawberries and champagne upon return to the room!
3. Ship ashes of deceased hubby home to his mama in London. FedEx does not do that…but a dedicated concierge will always find a way!
2. Arranging to ship a 160-foot yacht from Florida to London
1. Shipping a new mom’s breast milk home to the hungry baby. Stat.

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A 160-foot luxury yacht

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