Auto and Exotic Car Thieves Beware! New Tracking Devices are Everywhere

Exotic Auto Theft Tracking Devices

Until recently, sophisticated tracking devices are assumed to be part of the arsenal of only upscale dealerships and exotic car rental operations.  But now the savvy technology is expanding to other types of auto industry businesses. 

You may be surprised to learn how auto dealers are now using vehicle tracking devices, such as LoJack, a company who distributes tracking devices to consumers.  LoJack has discovered a lucrative new market in auto dealers, who are increasingly interested in using them to thwart auto theft and carjacking’s of their inventory.

LoJack Auto Theft

So does it work?  According to stats from LoJack, across a span of 9 states there have been approximately 12 incidents where the tracking devices have come into play.  Thieves are targeting not only exotic and luxury vehicles, but used dealerships as well in efforts to make a quick buck.

LoJack Auto Theft Solution

2011 Escalade

Escalade Theft Prevention


The following are 3 examples provided by LoJack where the anti-theft auto tracking devices have assisted:

•    A thief used fraudulent documents and a fictitious business name to purchase a 2010 Lincoln Navigator and a 2011 Ford F-350 pickup.  When the fraud was uncovered, the LoJack tracking device on the Navigator was activated, and within 4 minutes, the stolen Navigator was tracked and located.  Though the suspect was taken into custody, the F-350 was not equipped with a tracking device, and was not recovered.
•    A Hummer dealership was broken into during the night, and thieves swiped a Hummer H2 along with the keys to 60 other units on the premises.  When police entered the stolen Hummer’s VIN into the National Crime Information Center, it activated the LoJack tracking device on the Hummer.  The vehicle was discovered in a wooded area, with all 60 keys still inside.
•    Three men requested to test-drive in a Mercedes E-500, during which one man pulled a gun and the luxury car was hijacked.  Again, when the police report was filed, the LoJack security-tracking device was activated, and a police helicopter led detectives to the vehicle within 14 minutes.

Luxury Car Theft Prevention 

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