Still Hard To Swallow-$1.3 Million Dollar Bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka

1 Million Dollar VodkaThis is definitely not a round you want to pick up the tab for-because a single solitary bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka, yes vodka, has a staggering price tag of approximately $1.3 million smackaroos.  I know we covered this last year, but we are still astounded and felt a compulsion (and possibly revulsion) to revisit the subject. What can we say, money fascinates us.

You may be curiously contemplating what kind of people can afford to drink a bottle of booze for a million bucks?  The top layer of the elite, such as oil tycoons, royalty, and the unfathomably wealthy.  I am not sure most celebrities would suffer such a splurge. 

Proceeds of this ridiculously cheap vodka do not go to charity, but to Russian carmaker Russo-Baltique.  This explains why the bottle is designed to resemble a headlight, casting a limelight upon its indulgent drinkers.  There are similarly priced brands of luxury alcohol; this is not the only one. 

In the world of luxury, there is a continuous cycle of products and services striving to out-do not only the competition, but even themselves.  This leads to the shock, awe and sexiness that is the world of the lavishly wealthy.  Luxury residences, insane entertainment standards, exotic rental cars, shopping sprees and indulgences that most of the world simply cannot wrap their minds around are everyday extravagances for the extremely rich.  It would be interesting to know who has purchased a bottle so far.  Spirits, indeed. Cheers. 

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