Strange Custom Range Rover Limo Spied in Dubai

Check out this custom Range Rover limo footage captured in Dubai! The slightly elongated body and strange bump protruding from the roof certainly draw attention to this unique specimen.  Dubai is brimming with customized exotic vehicles, and apparently the already-spacious Range Rover simply did not cut it for this customer!

The video clip above shows a custom Range Rover parked at a Dubai hotel. The strange bump on the roof, elongated body and darkened windows attracted plenty of attention.

The passenger compartment is separated from the cockpit, in true chauffer style. The efforts to create ultimate privacy and comfort have in turn attracted more attention to the odd vehicle. The extra length was achieved by adding an extra window and pillar in the middle. The body is a rich and dark red accented by what appear to be alloy wheels.

range rover limo

This custom Range Rover sports an arsenal of specialties. The identity of the owner is unknown, and extreme exotics are far from rare in upscale Dubai.

Commenters on the video make amusing guesses about the purpose of the intriguing roof mount, including satellite capacity and a mobile dish network. What do you think it is for? Comment below!

range rover limo

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