Study Says Men Drool Over Exotic Cars…Are You Shocked?

In an apparent effort to highlight the obvious, a group of scholars conducted a study revealing that men drool over exotic cars. Who funded this waste of time for the Department of the Apparent? Hmm…perhaps we need to provide dry cloths along with our exotic car rentals to avoid embarrassing situations.

Men Drool Over Exotic Cars

Ok, ok…it was actually conducted by the eager students at Northwestern University’s prestigious Kellogg School of Management. The finished product is a paper titled “A Mouthwatering Prospect: Salivation to Material Reward”, which can be found in the Journal of Consumer Research.

The study sought to determine if a longing to obtain material goods would be on the same physiological plane with the craving for food when hungry. To put it simply, do we salivate when we think of material items that are not edible?

Sexy Girls & Exotic Cars

The answer is a big, fat yes (I can sense your surprise).


The men in the experiment were presented with a variety of situations and stimuli, and they seemed to drool even harder when an exotic car was paired with a member of the opposite sex. The study aimed to illustrate also how men have a tendency to use luxury items to impress and obtain women. One word…duh. Just duh.

Exotic Cars

Some things just go hand-in-hand…

The study concluded that, “All objects of desire, whether biological or non- biological, activate the same general reward system in the brain. Salivation might merely be the consequence of the activation of this general reward system.”

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