Super Yachts Inspired by Oceanic Creatures-Meet “Oculus”

In the world of super yachts, it is quite a feat to stand out among the millions, and that is dollars.  Yet the stunning and unique design of “Oculus”, a super yacht designed to resemble a sleek sea-creature, has managed to achieve just that.Oculus Super Yacht

Designed by an internationally renowned urban planning architect, Kevin Schopfer, Oculus was inspired by the jaw and eye-socket bone structure of large oceanic creatures, like orcas and other whales. The largest known creature in the world’s oceans is the Whaleshark, which can grow to be around 60 feet, and the Oculus is seventy-six meters, or 250 feet.

Oculus is designed to more than comfortably host up to 12 guests in the direst of luxury.  The futuristic and forward-thinking design does not inch away from traditional luxury yacht design, but rather torpedoes from it, making waves.  It is a playful design, including amenities such as inside swimming pools and helipads, though it is still awaiting its first owner. 

Starting price for Oculus, the uber-luxurious and one-of-a-kind super yacht is $95 million.  Infinitas, also designed by Schopfer has an asking price of $140 million, and is shaped in a futuristic, 91-meter figure-of-eight loop, intended to represent the symbol for “infinity”. 
Infinitas Super Yacht
There are several potential clients interested in both Oculus and Infintas, and talks are ongoing.  We hope Schopfer remains inspired, and if you cannot exactly afford a hundred million for a yacht, remember there are always luxury yacht charters available to sate your exotic travel desires, and exotic rental cars to pull out all stops along the way!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals