The 2016 BMW M8 Looks Like a Supercar

2016 BMW M8

BMW has announced intentions to unleash a new supercar in a few years. Check out renderings of the 2016 BMW M8 (name and year subject to change, of course)! The brand wants to create a supercar to celebrate its excitement for its upcoming centenary celebrations. Turning 100 years old is a big deal, thus it requires a vehicle that will switch gears from the norm and turn heads!

The next-gen M8 was previously thought to be an M1, though new details suggest that BMW will place an 8 on it. This is a huge hint that they will load it up with carbon fiber like the BMW i8, along with an impressive amount of muscle. The differences between the i8 and M8 will be clear, as the i8 is a hybrid and the M8 will boast a standard twin-turbocharged V8 engine ripping out 600 stallions. read more