2nd Generation Bugatti Veyron: More Power and 290+ MPH?

2nd Generation Bugatti Veyron

It is hard to believe that the Bugatti Veyron is already seven years old! The brand is preparing to unleash the 2nd generation Bugatti Veyron, and it will pack an insane amount of aggression! If you are a fan of the Super Sport, put on your seat belt and prepare for something unexpected, slightly different and overwhelmingly engulfed in power. Life is good.

The Veyron’s engine is unlike anything else in the world, and it makes achieving record-setting speeds appear effortless.

The good news of an even faster Veyron came directly from Bugatti’s chief engineer, Jens Schulenburg in an interview with Autocar. Schulenburg revealed that the next Veyron would boast 1,600 horses and weigh 250kg less than the current Veryon Super Sport. The 0-60 mark will be an astonishing 1.8 seconds. Rumors are circulating that the car will exceed 300 miles per hour. Yes, that was a 3. read more