Video: Watch 3 LaFerrari Cars Race at an Exclusive Event

3 LaFerrari Cars Race

The amazing LaFerrari packs 960 Prancing Horses, a $1.4 million dollar price tag and just 499 will be made. That makes the video below of 3 LaFerrari cars caught lapping at Monza a truly rare and special treat!

It did not take long for all 499 LaFerrari hypercars to find homes, as over 1,000 expressed interest. Buyers were cherry-picked by Ferrari under strict guidelines in a process that left many feeling like contestants on a reality show with eliminations.

Because of the absolute rarity of the LaFerrari, seeing three of them just chilling out together in the same place is unforgettable. As some do not know, the Ferrari Corse Clienti program most often keeps the cars in pristine condition and clients fly in to visit and drive them when they have time. This was likely the case with the 3 LaFerrari cars. There are other supercars present on the track in the video, but the mini-fleet of LaFerrari cars outshines them all. read more