Aston Martin One-77 Bottle Holder: $42k Please

One-77 Bottle Holder

If having the swankiest, most expensive bottle holder is your deal then look no further: The $42,000 Aston Martin One-77 bottle holder can fill that void in your spending habits. The elegant bottle holder pays homage to the 77 cars that make up the elite fleet, and just 10 of the bottle coolers will be made.

There is a gold member of the 77 One-77 cars. The holder set would certainly look exquisite in this one.

It is not uncommon for exotic sports car owners to add special bespoke items and designs to their vehicles. The ultimate goal is to set oneself apart from the rest of the cars in the world, after all. Super expensive and rare items add intrigue and notoriety to a vehicle.   read more