Aston Martin Is Not Going Cheap As of Yet

Aston Martin

There have been many rumors in circulation that Aston Martin could produce lower cost models and perhaps even an SUV offering. While the theories go back and forth, Aston Martin’s president in the Americas, Julian Jenkins, has stated that no such things are to occur at this intersection. That statement is rather vague, and does leave a sizable opening for future direction change and curiosities.

For the time being, anyhow, the Aston Martin badge will remain a status symbol for only elite and high-end exotic sports cars. There will not be a lower end Aston Martin offering, or perhaps not even an SUV in the near future. The approach of creating a lower cost option to reach new markets has worked successfully for other leading automakers in the past, such as Porsche with its Boxster. The Porsche 918 beast may boast an astronomical price tag, but a Boxster can be had for around $50,000. The Porsche Boxster has since been lovingly dubbed “The poor man’s Porsche”. It would certainly be humorous to find available the “Poor man’s Bond car”. It would be unlikely to catch 007 behind the wheel of a cheap Aston Martin, though it appears the brand has no intention of going cheap. read more

$450,000 Aston Martin Flying Delta in Cargo

Aston Martin

Recently, a 1963 Aston Martin traveled from Frankfurt, Germany to New York via Delta Air Lines. The $450,000 luxury car needed to make the trip overnight, so it was secured into the hold of the aircraft on a standard freight pallet with its polished bumpers protruding over the edges! The classic car attracted much attention during the loading and off-loading processes, naturally. This reminded me of the Lamborghini Aventadors being offloaded.

An Aston Martin travels in the hold of a Delta aircraft from Frankfurt, Germany to New York. Would you ever dream of shipping a vehicle worth a half million dollars in a standard hold?  read more