Sick of the Standard Fare? Check Out the New ATS 2500 GT

ATS 2500 GT

Pull over and escape the usual suspects like Lamborghini and Ferrari and take in the new ATS 2500 GT. She is a joint effort from ATS and Ermini set to revive the luscious lady for another go-round, or at least a bit of long-overdue attention. A bit of ATS 2500 GT history

The ATS 2500 GT emerged back in 1963 as one of the first mid-engine production cars. ATS stands for Automobili Turismo e Sport, Italian words we can all understand. ATS never unleashed enough to rival the great Prancing Horse, but it did carve its own memorable path for a bit. Now the revival model will try to pick up some new suitors and perhaps keep the competition on its toes for the length of its little ballet recital. The ATS 2500 GT at a glance: read more