What Happens When Autonomous Cars Crash Into Each Other?

Autonomous cars

There has been some chatter hitting the headlines about a Google autonomous car cutting off an Audi driverless car. While many wild theories circulated, it seems that the scenario was a planned exercise by the companies to see how their wares interacted under real world conditions when cut off, even by another autonomous car. So what would happen if two autonomous vehicles crashed into each other?

While all companies touting their autonomous technology want to highlight the positive points and reiterate that the other points are still being ironed out, it is entirely feasible that these types of vehicles can collide, though it is not quite likely. There are precious few driverless cars on the roads today, because not many have the legal permits required to do so. Google and Delphi Automotive have the jump on competitors, as they are not only already out on the roads testing, but they are interacting with each other for testing strategies to simulate real driving exposures. read more

Self-Driving Vehicles Are Sparking Emotion At Each Turn

self-driving vehicles

Now that there are a handful of various autonomous vehicles out on the roads in full test mode, other aspects of the concept are emerging curbside to curiosity and excitement. The very idea of self-driving vehicles becoming a reality and perhaps even the new normal seems to be driving much emotion.

Is the world ready to embrace such futuristic technology? Because the autonomous vehicle is now a very stark reality, it would seem that it is inevitable for it to become permanently incorporated into society. It will certainly be a long way down the road before they become commonplace, which will give more time for people to adapt to the idea. In the beginnings, it was rather science fiction to imagine a vehicle capable of fully functioning without, you know, a human being behind the wheel. It generated anticipation and awe to think of such a thing, now feelings are a bit mixed as people struggle to come to terms with the fact that there are driverless cars on the roads now with legal permits. While many feel ok with the autonomous among us, many feel natural fear and concern. read more

Video Teaser: BMW Self-Driving Car Vs. Drift Champion

BMW intends to have the first-ever autonomous drift car. They released the teaser below of the BMW self-driving car taking on a champion drifting driver. While it is not Ken Block, the drift driver is familiar with the procedure and the autonomous BMW seems perfectly capable of maneuvering. Check it out:
The short clip above was released to generate excitement over the BMW self-driving car’s drifting capacity.

There are quite a few BMW offerings that make decent drift machines and they are certainly no stranger to special events like Driftmob. The video of the autonomous BMW drifting above is a hint at feats and accomplishments to come from the brand that loves to shock! The video playfully provides the fun challenge of pitting an experienced drift driver against the machine. It is an enticing stunt that leaves more questions than answers, which is completely normal seeing as how the whole ‘driverless vehicle’ movement is still very much in the infancy stage. It could even be said that autonomous vehicles are still in a sort of embryo stage, with much to come in the development process. While there may be legal permits allowing some brands to test their wares on public roads, it will likely be a long time before it becomes a normal event to look over at a car on the road next to you and see no driver! read more