The Next Bugatti Legend Series Car is Unveiled!

Bugatti Legend Series

The Bugatti Legend Series will consist of 6 different cars that pay homage to past heroes of the badge. The first Legend car to emerge honored French driver Jean-Pierre Wilmille. The 2nd car is for none other than Jean Bugatti, The eldest son of founder Ettore Bugatti. I am going to go ahead and guess that the Ettore Bugatti Legend Car will be released last.

The Jean Bugatti Legend car was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is based on the Grand Sport Vitesse and maintains the typical Veyron appearance along with some historical additions. You see, Jean Bugatti personally designed the infamous Type 57SC Atlantic, which is now one of the most sought after slices of Bugatti history in the world. So this Legend Series car boasts attributes of the Type 57SC, boasting the name La Voiture Noire (the black car). read more

Bugatti Legend Series is Not Just Another Special Edition

Bugatti Legend Series

For those of you rolling your eyes—I get it. Bugatti seems to have surpassed its “limited edition” limits by constantly releasing new Veyrons. The Bugatti Legend Series, however, makes perfect sense while previous models may not! The Legend Series pays homage to six of the brand’s past heroes. The first was released at Pebble Beach and honors French driver Jean-Pierre Wilmille.

Special edition Veyrons are more about the special touches than dramatic exterior changes.

Jean-Pierre Wilmille won two Le Mans victories for Bugatti. One victory was in 1937 behind the wheel of a Bugatti 57G Tank and another in 1939 in a 57C Tank. The ‘Jean-Pierre Wilmille’ Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse boasts the same racing blue coat as the 57G Tank, which happen to be French racing colors of the era. But what lurks beneath the hood? read more