Bugatti Legends Series: Black Bess

Bugatti Legends Series Black Bess

It appears that the prematurely leaked 5th installment of the Bugatti Legends Series was a clever distraction. Bugatti has revealed the 5th of 6 Legends cars and it is the Black Bess. Black Bess was every ounce a legend, driven by founder Ettore Bugatti himself in many races and ahead of her time in the specs arena.

Meet Black Bess. She is the 5th member of the illustrious Les Legendes de Bugatti series, of which there will be just 6. 

About Black Bess

Black Bess was a Bugatti Type 18 from the pre-war era. She was among the first-ever street legal supercars with a rather impressive power arsenal for her time. Specifications for Bess included a 4-cylinder 5-liter producing 100 PS with a top speed of 100 miles per hour, not too shabby for the early 1900s.  read more