A Bow Fit for a Car

big car bows

For the holidays, birthdays and other occasions where a simple bow simply will not suffice, there is ‘King Sized Bows’. King Sized Bows is a company that specializes in creating oversized bows– sometimes called “Those big car bows”. It is how you gift wrap a car.

Have you ever wondered where to find those oversized bows for car gifts? Look no further!

Owner and entrepreneur Lynda King started King Sized Bows in 2002, after realizing there was a market for such things. King had been searching for a large bow for her daughter’s car, and ended up making her own when she was unable to locate one. King’s idea for a business took off when she began to contact auto dealerships and discovered that 9 out of 10 of them wished they had access to big car bows for customers. read more