Citroen Divine DS: Small SUV or Chubby Sedan?

Citroen Divine DS

Check out the new Citroen Divine DS concept. It is quite an eclectic ride, with everything from reptile inspired scales to a complete lack of a rear window. But to begin, what the hell is it? Is it a chubby sedan, a smallish SUV or something entirely divine?

The Citroen Divine DS concept took the stage at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. It is not yet known if this little number will ever reach production, but it has reached the masses at the show.

The Citroen Divine DS does not look terrible. And as far as power, it is packing a diminutive 1.6-liter turbocharged engine kicking forth 270 bhp and 244 pound-feet of torque. Oddly, the Divine DS lacks any trace of Citroen badging. It is not clear why they opted to forgo the brand fuss. read more