Most Expensive Repair Estimate? Porsche Diesel Filled with Standard

When Liz Moulton loaned her Porsche Cayenne to friend Alan Thompson for the weekend, neither expected to make the news. In efforts to show his appreciation for the vehicle, 64-year-old Thompson returned the Porsche with a full tank of gas. The problem was that it was a diesel Porsche Cayenne and Thompson filled the tank with standard fuel.

The clip above describes one account of the story.

Moulton quickly realized something was wrong with her Porsche and drove it over to the dealership, where she learned of the mistake. The Porsche dealership quoted her $25k to repair the problem–a figure that Thompson did not find to be a gas. If you think that price is shocking, know that unlike most people, Liz Moulton did not become angry with friend Alan Thompson for his blunder! read more