Bold Ferrari Theft Leaves Police Stunned

Ferrari theft

Police in the UK were appealing to the public for assistance in a baffling yet brazen Ferrari theft. Thieves managed to steal a limited edition Ferrari 458 Italia from a Maranello showroom in Egham. The heist was described as “movie-style” and it was captured on CCTV! So far, a 36-year old man has been arrested and details are still emerging.

£230,000 Ferrari theft caught on CCTV left more questions than answers for local authorities.

The cameras captured two men driving up to the dealership, where they proceeded to spend a leisurely 20 minutes slicing through security bars. Once through the bars, the guys loaded the Ferrari onto a trailer and covered it with a sheet before driving off. A week after the well-organized theft, authorities were left reaching out to the public for information. read more