How Not to Air Dry a Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

The photo below is the aftermath of a poor decision! A car washer in the UK had apparently become too tempted by the F430’s replacement, the fiery Ferrari 458 Italia. The hired hand proceeded to take the supercar for a spin on damp roadways, a joyride that ended with the restructuring of the car.

Sweet temptation: a car washer in Portsmouth, UK takes Ferrari 458 Italia for a spin and crashes it. Judging by the photos, the Ferrari is totalled. 

The owner took the hypercar to what is called a valeter in the UK–which is a mobile car detailing company. They certainly expected a very different result upon dropping it off! Now yet another glorious 458 hits the scrapheap. read more

Watch the Ferrari 458 Italia Get Smoked

While Ferrari trumps most in terms of brand recognition, design and stature, sometimes they just get smoked when it comes to speed! Watch the 26-second clip below and see the Ferrari 458 Italia disappear behind the Rimac Concept One supercar. It is but a short-lived moment of glory for the Rimac, a taste of the power Ferrari possesses daily.

The Rimac Concept One seems to have it going on in terms of the 0-60 jump. Watch it take on the amazing Ferrari 458 Italia 

It is important to point out that this video was created at a gathering intended to show wealthy Middle Eastern potential buyers the power of the Rimac Concept One. That said, the Rimac does pack 1,073 to the 458’s 562 horses. There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned drag race to determine which machine has bigger…tires. read more

Enhanced Ferrari 458 Italia Crashes on Airstrip

Ferrari 458 Italia

The Amelia Island classic car show in Florida inspired a speed festival at a nearby airport, where supercars and high-performance cars accomplished a bit of showing off. The awesome displays, both parked and racing, paled in comparison to the unfortunate Ferrari 458 Italia crash that ensued! The clincher: the owner’s buddy, who was not injured in the runoff, crashed The Ferrari. The friendship on the other hand, may have suffered some injuries!

The 700 horsepower tuned Ferrari 458 crashed into swamp during a high-speed run. As the above photo shows, it is a total loss. read more

Grand Am Ferrari 458 Gives Manhattan a Wake-Up Call!

Ferrari 458

New York City is famous for its street side lifestyle, from exotic food vendors to luxury shopping and designer goods…and also a Grand Am Ferrari 458 at the World Trade Center! Ferrari treated New York to a revving 458 Italia to celebrate a recent victory: Nabbing the driver’s and manufacturer’s titles in the 2012 Rolex Grand-Am GT Sports Car Series championship.

How could anyone be irritated by a Ferrari 458 wake-up call? There are certainly worse ways to awaken!

Aim Autosport team FXDD took up position outside of 7 World Trade center in lower Manhattan and proceeded to show-off a bit of what the Ferrari 458 has to offer by smoking tires and providing an auto acoustic extravaganza. I am certain very few New Yorkers were disgruntled by this wake-up call! The team added to the excitement by donning their racing suits. read more