Ferrari 458 Speciale A Nets $900k at Rodeo Drive Auction

Ferrari 458 Speciale A

Ferrari has been busy celebrating 60 years of selling its exotic sports cars stateside. The company hosted an extravagant event on Rodeo Drive recently–including 60 of its finest specimens to commemorate the milestone and a luxury auction. It was at the auction that we discovered how much the Ferrari 458 Speciale A is worth: $900,000.

The gorgeous specimen took center stage for the auction, which was well-attended by local celebrities and those close to Ferrari. 

Ferrari cars are never considered cheap or affordable, though prices do vary dramatically depending on model and collector value. This recent sale does not exactly indicate that future Ferrari 458 Speciale A cars will sell for such a sum. That particular car had the distinction of being the very first one sold Stateside, and chassis #1. One can acquire a Ferrari 458 spider for around $250k, and several other models for under the $200k marker. read more