Floating Ferrari Takes on Venice

floating Ferrari

What better way to navigate and experience the winding and whimsical waterways of Venice than in a…Ferrari? While it may not offer any real Prancing Horsepower or ever nail the 0-60 mile-per-hour marker in 3.5 seconds, this wooden floating Ferrari has raced its way across global headlines!

Where this floating Ferrari is headed, pavement is not required! This Ferrari F50 inspired watercraft joins a fleet of other exotic car molded boats in Venice. 

This fascinating Ferrari watercraft was created by an Italian artist out of a single block of pinewood. The artist, Livio De Marchi, diligently whittled away at the block for nearly half the year before it became a Ferrari F50. De Marchi is known in the region for his rather exotic fleet of wooden watercraft shaped like well-known luxury cars. He makes them to add further flair and intrigue to the waterways of Venice. Anyone can take a tour in a traditional gondola…how often can you claim to have taken a Ferrari F50 around the waterways of Venice? read more